• 90 Day Planning for Success with Jordan Schanda King

    Do you love the idea of goal setting but find that you lose your way in the process? Join Jenny and her guest, Jordan King, on this week’s episode of the Moms Make Money podcast as they discuss a 90 day planning method that will help get you back on track with your big picture vision.

    Jordan Schanda King is a serial entrepreneur, author, and expert on all things scaling and operations, successfully building a multiple six figure agency in less than a year. Tune in to hear her conversation with Jenny, covering big picture planning, the 2 week sprint method, and how to make it all work for your unique journey as a mom in business. 

    We discuss:

    [01:48] How Jordan makes money online

    [04:28] Jordan’s business experience before entering the online space

    [05:56] Where to get started with 90 day planning

    [08:24] Shiny object syndrome and the importance of ‘big picture’ planning

    [10:22] Why acting on ‘shoulds’ and cookie cutter trends is tripping you up in business

    [15:03] What people miss about “passive income” and other business stories

    [16:49] How to set goals that move the needle forward in your business

    [23:18] Choosing what to focus on during the 90 day planning process

    [27:17] The two week sprint method and what to do when life derails your plan

    [34:47] Choosing what’s right for you as a mom in business

    [37:42] Jordan’s number one tip for moms starting a business

    [39:22] How to connect with Jordan off the pod


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