In today’s episode, I wanted to share a more personal update on how I’m adjusting to being a mom of 2 while running a business. I really want to give you the down-low on the good, the hard, and everything in between. 

In this episode, I discuss: 

[01:27] How adjusting to 2 kids has really been
[04:13] The 4 month sleep regression
[04:55] The highs of adjusting to two kids
[06:44] The lows of adjusting to two kids

I want to start out by saying that I am so thankful that I didn’t experience as much postpartum anxiety this go around like I did with my son back in 2020. I think since this baby was my second I felt much more relaxed because it wasn’t my first rodeo. 

To me, the hardest part wasn’t having a new baby because I’ve been there, done that and this baby has been a much better sleeper and eater than my first (until the dreaded 4 month sleep regression which I will talk about a bit later) but I’m not going to lie, adjusting to 2 kids was definitely a bit challenging at first. 

My son is 3.5 years old (turning 4 in June) and while he can be independent at times, he is still pretty needy and doesn’t always understand that mommy can’t drop everything to cater to his needs like she used to before his sister was born. 

I’m not gonna lie, I was terrified when my husband returned back to work 2 weeks after Emery was born. My son is in full time pre school but I was very nervous about picking him up from the school in the afternoons and just generally the chunk of time between picking him up from school and my husband getting home from work because I knew it would be a bit of a challenge handling both kids by myself. 

In the grand scheme of things, an hour or so with both kids by myself isn’t really that long but man that time is always chaotic between trying to make dinner, getting my dogs fed, etc. so it feels a lot harder than it should. 

I have help 3 days a week with Emery so I can have focused work time but I typically work around 20 hours a week or less so I definitely need to be really strategic with my time. 

Emery is currently going through the 4 month sleep regression which means I am waking up at least 2-3 times per night and dealing with less than 30 minute naps, so I’ve been on the struggle bus a bit these past two weeks. Like I mentioned earlier, she was previously a much better sleeper than my son so this regression feels much harder than his did for some reason. 

Now I just wanted to share some highs and lows with you for the last 4 months. 


  • Seeing my son be so sweet and loving with his baby sister 
  • Finally having a girl that I can dress in super cute clothes 
  • Seeing my husband bond with our daughter and become an even better dad to our son 
  • Feeling more confident in my parenting abilities since I’ve done this before 


  • My son being so mad at me for a month after having my daughter 
  • Dealing with jealousy still when I need to hold my daughter to feed her and my son wants me to have my full attention on him 
  • Having trouble finding reliable childcare for my daughter so I have focused work time each week  
  • Feeling like my work at home practically doubled but my time did not 
  • The 4 month sleep regression hitting me HARD. Dealing with this at 32 much harder than it was at 29. 

So there you have it, that’s how I’m adjusting to being a mom of 2 while running a business. Now tell me, did you struggle with adjusting to two kids? Comment down below and let me know.

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