As moms, we do not have unlimited time on our hands so we need to be strategic with every moment that we get to work on our business. 

That is why I am a huge fan of utilizing the 3 email growth strategies I am going to be sharing with you today. 


  1. Participate in collaborations //
    If you listened to episode 11 of the podcast, you’d know how big of a fan I am of participating in collaboration events like bundles, summits, and podcast guesting to get in front of new audiences. 

Being a participant doesn’t require a lot of extra time on your part, aside from setting up the coupon code for your offer for a bundle or recording a presentation for a summit and sending an email or two to your pre-existing list and is a surefire way to get more leads on your list.


2. Host a pop up podcast event //

As a podcast strategist, one of my secret list growth hacks is definitely pop up podcasts or otherwise known as private podcasts. Now, organic growth from this likely won’t be as lucrative from this as it would be from say a bundle but you definitely can grow your list from pop up podcasts without having to pour extra time or money into ads or affiliates. 

I will say it definitely will take a little more time up front than the first strategy I mentioned, however, pop up podcasts are great for bringing in high quality leads who are ready to pull out their cards for your next offer.


3. Do a freebie swap with another entrepreneur // While this could be considered a collaboration of sorts, it’s a lot more lowkey than most email list building collaborations. Essentially, you are partnering with one other person and sharing their free offer with your list and they are sharing yours with theirs. It’s a quick and easy way to add some new people to your email list without adding a bunch of extra work to your plate.  

I’d love to know, have you tried any of these list growth strategies? If so, which one was your favorite? If not, do you have a particular one you’re interested in testing out? Let me know over on Instagram. My handle is @momsmakemoneycollective. 


Just an FYI, I am in the middle of my maternity leave when this episode goes live so I may be a bit slower to respond to your messages but I promise I will get to them as soon as I can. 

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