As moms, especially moms in business, sometimes it feels like we’re the last person on our priority list. In an effort to prioritize myself and fill my own cup, I am sharing 5 ways I’m prioritizing myself during this season of life. 

In today’s episode, I am diving into how I’m prioritizing myself during this season of life and to be honest, this isn’t something I am naturally good at, especially now that I have kids and my time is much more limited but I know it’s so important so I have been working really hard to make myself a priority too because I know that when I feel fulfilled, I am more patient with my kids and productive within my business. 

Giving myself lots of grace

As a mom to an infant and a preschooler, it’s important that I give myself lots of grace because things are always changing. Once I get used to something, it changes so celebrating the little things is so important in my current season.


Trying to get as much sleep as possible

Within your child’s first year of life, there’s quite a few sleep regressions that you experience so I’m being gentle on myself and instead of waking up super early to try and cram in a workout and get some work done when I’m already sleep deprived most days, I cherish every second of sleep that I can.


Easing back into a workout routine

I have never really had a set workout routine that I was consistent with for more than a few months but one of my 2024 goals is to take better care of myself physically so I am really trying to rebuild the habit once again.


Not using any and all free time as work time 

This is something I have definitely struggled with in the past but lately I have been a lot better about giving myself actual down time where I can recharge instead of throwing myself into more work. That means I’ve been reading, watching tv, and letting myself relax instead of trying to cram work into every free moment. It’s been a much needed change to focus on filling my cup instead of hustling.


Actually doing my skincare routine and pampering myself from time to time

I know that this sounds so basic but there was a time when I couldn’t even be bothered to wash my face before going to bed. I don’t really wear makeup too often but still, I can’t imagine not taking a minute or so to wash my face and apply some moisturizer now. This is one that is very simple but honestly, makes such a difference. 


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