In today’s episode, I chat with Erin Alexander of Product Powerhouse about embracing the current season that you’re in for both business and motherhood.


We discuss: 

[01:39] How Erin makes money online

[03:53] The importance of having multiple streams of income

[07:35] The benefits of sharing both the highs and lows of running a business

[09:15] How Erin started her business 

[11:47] What Erin learned from starting her business after having kids

[12:29] Dealing with the demands of modern motherhood and our lack of a village

[13:11] The importance of asking for help as a mom

[15:20] Juggling work and motherhood when you have limited help

[18:28] How Erin has adapted and pivoted during different seasons of life

[21:24] The mental load of motherhood

[24:35] How Erin overcame any doubts and objections when navigating her business and motherhood

[28:00] Why we should embrace modern conveniences that help us take more off our plate 

[30:15] Lessons Erin has learned from running a business as a mom 

[37:15] How incorporating self care into your routine makes you a better parent and business owner

[43:28] Erin’s number one tip for moms looking to start their own business 


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