In today’s episode, I sit down with Jess Freeman of Jess Creatives to talk about all things websites, SEO, and automation to help you streamline your business as a mom entrepreneur.

In this episode, we discuss:

[00:45] How Jess makes money online

[03:40] Why having a website is so important

[08:59] Why you don’t need to have a full blown website to be successful

[09:58] How a website can help build your credibility

[11:35] The necessary elements a website should have

[15:22] Should I include pricing on my website as a service provider?

[21:49] Strategies to get our website in front of new people each and every month

[23:00] How to do keyword research for your website

[27:10] The benefits of meeting your audience where they’re at

[29:17] Best website platforms to use

[34:27] The most common things moms can automate in their business

[41:32] How having an optimized website and automations helps achieve work-life balance

[44:30] Jess’ best piece of advice for people just getting started with their website

[48:53] Jess’ #1 tip for moms looking to start their business


About Jess Freeman:

Jessica Freeman, the creative force behind the award-winning Jess Creatives, is also an accomplished author and a dedicated wife and mom. Passionate about transforming businesses into unique and vibrant online entities, Jess uses her expertise to help professionals attract better clients and stand out in the digital world. Living in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and daughter, you can find Jess sipping her favorite Diet Dr. Pepper and championing causes close to her heart.

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