Tired of battling social media’s ever-changing algorithms? In this episode, I break down how to grow your business without social media so that you can make more money without being at the mercy of the algorithm.


For service providers like myself, referrals are our bread and butter. My business used to be strictly referral based but let’s be honest, referrals can dry up so while getting lots of referrals is wonderful, diversifying is important so that you’re not left scrambling if your leads happen to dry up.


Focus on collaborations

Collaborations have been a huge part of my business since 2018 and that isn’t stopping anytime soon.



This is a huge focus of mine in 2024. I’ve always had a surface level understanding of it but this year I am diving even deeper into SEO and how to make it work for me.



I used to actually teach Pinterest marketing in addition to managing Pinterest accounts for a bunch of bloggers so I have always had a soft spot for the platform.


Email Marketing

I have always been a huge proponent of focusing on things you own like your podcast, blog, and email list. I have always tried to email my list weekly, but sometimes I have done better than others. I am proud to say that lately I have been able to be super consistent with it and love connecting with my email community each week. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on today’s episode. Are you over social media? If so, what ways are you currently using to grow your business without social media?


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