Hey there! Welcome to the Moms Make Money podcast. I am so happy to have you here. 

Today I’m going to be sharing my story about how I went from burnt out social media manager to thriving agency owner.

In episode 1, I talked a little bit about how I started my business but now I’m going to dive even deeper. 

In the summer of 2016, I decided on a whim to start a SMM + VA business called Confetti Social in the midst of planning a wedding and doing grad school because I was feeling very unfulfilled by my low paying corporate marketing job. 

My first project I took on was a Pinterest setup for $50. I had been doing lifestyle blogging on the side since 2014 so I already had experience growing website traffic with Pinterest with my own blog. 

From there, I started off offering VA and Social Media Management services with a focus on Pinterest and Instagram Management. Funny enough, my first 5-7 clients were all Pinterest revamps which is essentially where I would help people optimize their Pinterest account. That was such a fun service to start with because I was able to showcase my Pinterest skills without having to commit to offering monthly management packages while I was still knee deep in my corporate job, wedding planning, and grad school. 

Once I had completed those 5-7 revamps, I took the offer out of beta and raised the price. Back in late 2016, the Facebook group landscape was much different and most Facebook groups didn’t really have promo rules so I had posted a value post about Pinterest in one of the groups I was in and it blew up. Due to that one post, I ended up securing like 15+ Pinterest revamps in 72 hours and at that point, I knew I had a proven service to offer people. 

From August until November 2016, I worked my booty off with my revamp clients and started slowly bringing on a few monthly management clients too to have some recurring income. In November I was able to drop down to part time hours at my full time job and then my final day in the corporate world was the last day of December. 

Ever since January 1, 2017 I have been self-employed full time. Not going to lie, it has certainly been quite the journey because as I am sure you can tell I am not still offering SMM and VA services like I was when I started. 

Everything was going fine and I had some great clients, but I still didn’t feel like SMM was it for me. I wanted something that was more flexible since I knew I wanted to have kids in the future and felt like social media was not going to be as flexible as I initially thought. 

So in January 2018, I started my own podcast which was then called the Savvy Social Hour Podcast and absolutely fell in love with the medium. I did everything for my own podcast except for editing and got a really solid process down. 

During the fall of 2018 I was approached by someone with a podcast who needed help with theirs so I took them on and then was fully convinced that my time with SMM was coming to a close and it was time for something new. 

So early 2019, I switched from a SMM + VA to a full service podcast manager. Although I deemed myself an agency because I knew it was something I wanted to branch into in the future, at that point it was just me and an audio editor. 

I still kept on my SMM + VA clients for a while until I had enough podcast management clients to pay the bills and then slowly phased out my clientele for SMM/VA work one by one until all I had left were podcast clients. 

2019 was all about building visibility as a podcast manager and becoming the go-to in the podcasting space. I was so passionate about podcasting and I really think it showed in how I was showing up. 

But another big thing happened at the end of 2019…my husband and I found out that I was pregnant and due June 2020 so my dreams of turning my business into a full blown agency were going to need to happen a whole lot quicker than I was expecting. 

So after taking a week to get my stuff together, I fully mapped out my upcoming plans with how I was going to grow the agency, my maternity leave situation, and more so that there would be no questions once baby boy arrived. 

By April 2020, my team of just me and my audio editor turned into me, my editor, a temporary OBM for while I was out on maternity leave, and two Podcast VAs. 

Having this support for my clients allowed me to take a 3 month maternity leave and truly soak up my time with my newborn instead of stressing out about business and trying to return back to assisting my clients shortly after giving birth. 

Once I came back from maternity leave in September 2020, I knew I didn’t want to go back to doing all the things that I was before so I fully embraced the CEO role and let my Podcast VAs continue supporting our clients while I focused on growing the agency. 

In November 2020, one of our original Podcast VAs left us and then it was just me, my audio editor, and one Podcast VA for a while. 

We continued to grow month after month but then in April 2021 experienced a huge surge of clients that caused us to double our team and go from 3 (including myself) to 6 team members. 

We brought on a shownotes writer, a graphic designer, and a Social Media Manager. 

Then a month or so later, we brought on someone for PR outreach bringing our team to a total of 7 (including me). 

Then in September 2021, we had another surge of clients and brought on another new audio editor. 

So we went from 3 team members at the start of 2021 to now 8 team members in 2023 with two currently being on maternity leave and my maternity leave will be starting in just under 3 months. 

I am now working less hours than ever before as my son is in daycare so I typically work around 25 hours per week or less and before I became a mom I worked at least 40 hours a week but usually more realistically like 50-60 hours per week. 

Soon enough, I will have to adjust those hours even more because I’ll have a new baby home with me for at least the next 6 months starting in November (if not longer). 

I honestly could not have continued to grow this business if I didn’t go the agency route because I would’ve very quickly hit a cap on my time after my son was born so I am so thankful for my amazing team that helps support me with the day-to-day work so that I can focus on the big picture strategy for our clients and making sure they are happy. 

When it comes to going from solopreneur to agency owner, I always recommend going into it solo and then expanding as you grow because you want to make sure that you are bringing in enough income to support both yourself and your team. There’s nothing worse than having a team and not being able to afford to pay them or not having enough work for them to do. 

So just know, everyone’s business journey looks different. I am now in my 7th year in business so my “success” didn’t happen overnight. In fact, I am still working to define my own version of success and that’s okay. 

We don’t all need to be making $10K+ months right out the gate and if you don’t wanna make $10K months, that’s fine too. Do what feels right for you and you’ll be much happier that way. 

I absolutely think starting off as a service provider is one of the best ways to get started in the online space because you don’t need to have an audience to start getting clients whereas if you were starting as a course creator you’d have to focus on building an audience and building your product so I highly recommend starting off as a service provider and then diversifying your income by adding digital products, courses, etc. down the line. 

In the next episode, I’m going to be sharing several ways to make money from home as a mom…and none of these ideas involve joining an MLM which no hate to MLMs but they just aren’t my cup of tea and I think there are much more lucrative ways for moms to make money online. 

So I’d love to know, where are you at in your business journey? Shoot me a DM over at @momsmakemoneycollective. I would love to chat with you. See you in the next episode! 

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