Hey there! Welcome to the very first episode of the Moms Make Money podcast. I am so happy to have you here. 

Today I’m going to be sharing the story behind starting this podcast and brand in general and how it came to be. 

First, I want to give you a brief synopsis of my business and how that came to be. My business started back in 2016 right before I got married and long before my husband and I were even thinking about having kids. 

I started my business in the summer of 2016 while I was in the middle of planning a wedding, getting my Masters, and working a full time job as a Marketing Assistant. 

I know that it sounds like my plate was already full, but at the time my husband was working full time and then getting his MBA in person and taking night classes so I had free time most nights after I got home from my job and ended up starting a business on top of everything else. 

The reason I started my business in the first place is because I knew that I wanted to have kids someday and saw how challenging it was for my coworkers to manage their corporate job on top of taking care of their kids and being the primary caregiver even though they were working full time outside of the home. 

I went full time with my business in January 2017 and worked to set up my business so that it would be able to support the lifestyle I wanted when I had kids in the future. 

I got pregnant with my first child in 2019 and then he was born in June 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. 

Now here we are 3 years later and I am about 3 months away from welcoming my second child into the world. 

So Why Moms Make Money?

Like I mentioned before, I have been a mom since June 2020, so over 3 years now…and while I am no parenting expert by any means, I feel like I have definitely learned a thing or two about running a successful business as a mom especially because I have experience running my business with and without kids. 

I am sure you already know this, but as a mom with a business, you have to be a lot more strategic with your time especially if you’re only able to work during naps and night time or otherwise have relatively limited childcare. 

My goal with the Moms Make Money Podcast and the Moms Make Money Collective brand in general is to empower moms to pursue their own career passions outside of raising their babies without having to work full time corporate jobs. 

So we’re going to be diving deep into all things running a business as a mom and also different motherhood topics that will help you along your parenting journey. 

In the next episode, I’m going to be diving deeper into my story about going from burnt out social media manager to thriving podcast agency owner as a soon to be mom of 2 so stay tuned for that! 

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Today I’m going to be sharing the story behind starting the Moms Make Money Podcast and brand in general and how it came to be.