In this episode, I sit down with Quanisha McGruder to talk about navigating the postpartum period as an entrepreneur.

We discuss: 

[01:38] How Quanisha makes money online

[03:38] What the fourth trimester is and how long it typically lasts for

[05:20] Dealing with the aftermath of postpartum

[10:14] Coping with changes after having a baby and getting help along the way

[12:23] The importance of banding together as a family unit during the postpartum period

[18:34] How to prep for the postpartum period before giving birth

[21:52] The importance of mentally preparing for birth and beyond

[30:03] How to prepare your business for a baby

[32:44] What expectations we should have for ourselves and our businesses after giving birth

[35:36] The importance of checking in on your pregnant and postpartum friends

[37:50] Preparing yourself financially for time off in your business

[40:25] Embracing the current season you’re in

[44:52] Quanisha’s #1 tip for moms looking to start a business


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About Quanisha McGruder: 

Quanisha McGruder is a full-spectrum doula, doula instructor, licensed massage therapist, and infant and family sleep specialist who guides families through different paths into and through parenting through her doula business Butterfly Rose Village, and stationery business Rosewood Letters and Prints. She also co-created The Zzz Hive and is the President and Executive Director of the nonprofit San Antonio Black Doula Collective.

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