As parent, knowing how to prioritize effective communication with your spouse and children is absolutely essential. In today’s episode, I’m sitting down with Erin Woodruff to talk all about all things communication and how we can better communicate with our family.

We discuss: 

[01:35] How Erin makes money online

[02:06] How Erin started her business

[06:06] Why communication with your family is so important

[09:33] The importance of being able to ask for help

[10:53] Common barriers that hold people back from communicating well

[12:45] Effective communication with your children

[16:59] The importance of talking about things before they happen

[21:52] How to take responsibility for your angry outbursts when dealing with power struggles

[23:31] The importance of keeping the lines of communication open with your spouse

[25:54] Prioritizing your marriage with kids

[30:46] Navigating hard conversations with your partner and other family members

[36:46] The importance of setting a time and date to have hard conversations

[41:27] Final thoughts on communication between your spouse and children

[42:48] Erin’s #1 tip for moms looking to start their own business


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About Erin Woodruff: 

Erin is a mom, wife, and entrepreneur. She is a communications coach who helps women communicate with confidence so they can create a life they’re excited about living. She helps women reconnect with who they are, build community where they’re at, and find faith and purpose in their lives. Erin is passionate about helping women navigate hard conversations, make new friends, lean into their intuition, and push them to reach their own potential.

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