In today’s episode, I am chatting with Caroline Hull of Wild Home Podcasting. We chat about teams, their benefits and how Caroline leans on her team in hard times.

[01:43] How Caroline makes money online

[03:15] Caroline spills all the details on her team and how long they’ve been with her

[05:11] How getting pregnant with her 3rd baby sparked Caroline’s need for change in her business

[08:42] How removing herself from the day to day allowed Caroline to have more time to focus on working on her business

[10:57] How many people are currently on Caroline’s team and what they’re doing for her

[13:56] Caroline’s best piece of advice when it comes to hiring

[16:15] The importance of leaning into your strengths as a business owner

[19:40] How Caroline has structured her team so that she can focus on the money generating activities

[20:44] The importance of having well documented SOPs when you’re outsourcing to a team

[25:19] Caroline’s tip for easily creating SOPs

[28:08] How Caroline balances homeschool and running her business

[37:57] The importance of self care as a mom entrepreneur

[40:00] How Caroline has combatted slow seasons in her business

[43:23] The importance of being vulnerable with your team during tough times

[46:17] Caroline’s #1 tip for starting your business as a mom

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