Running a business is tough. Running a business as a mom is a whole other level. On this episode of the Moms Make Money podcast, join Jenny and her guest Amy Traugh as they discuss the best strategies and most common pitfalls for moms in business. 

Amy Traugh is a business mentor and strategist and founder of The Moms on a Mission community. Listen in as she and Jenny discuss the key to successful multitasking, how mom guilt can keep us from taking action, and Amy’s top suggestions for running a sustainable business.

Jenny and Amy discuss:

[00:51] How Amy makes money online

[09:42] The key to successfully multitasking as moms in business

[15:40] The importance of running your business (and life) in a way that works for YOU

[20:54] Sustainable ways to build a business around your life

[31:11] The glamorization of running a business vs the reality

[38:35] The biggest mistake Amy sees moms in business making

[42:57] Amy’s number one tip for moms looking to start a business

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