Have you been seeing bundles everywhere and dying to know the scoop on if they’re worth it or not? Tune into today’s episode with Kate Doster where she dishes everything you need to know about bundles.

[01:34] How Kate makes money online

[03:40] What is a bundle?

[04:36] Different types of bundles you can host

[06:12] The differences between summits and bundles

[08:18] How Kate got started with bundles

[11:17] Jenny’s experience with participating in one of Kate’s bundles

[14:07] How Kate ensures her bundle contributors are able to stand out in the bundle

[16:00] How to gradually add more to your bundle as a host without burning out

[17:50] Benefits of hosting a bundle

[23:07] Mistakes bundle hosts often make

[33:56] The biggest drawbacks from hosting a bundle + who shouldn’t host bundles

[37:25] Should I host a bundle or a summit?

[38:38] What type of bundle should I host?

[42:21] About the Back to Business Bundle

[47:00] Kate’s #1 tip for moms looking to start a business

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